Secondary Schools Admissions

For the parents of children whom we will be saying goodbye to in the summer of 2022, please remember that your application has to be completed by 31st October.   In helping to decide which schools to choose, we would normally strongly suggest that families visit schools that you are considering or attend an open day.  Many schools are now able to hold Open Days as well as offering a recorded video or virtual tour.  Please check the websites of the schools that you are considering.

We can advise the following:-

  • St Thomas More Catholic Comprehensive are holding their Open Evening on Wednesday 22nd September 2021.  Please click on the link for further information 
  • St Ursula's Catholic Girls School are holding their Open Day on Saturday 18th September 2021.  Please click on the link for further information 

It is a good idea to speak to parents whose children go to the school that you are considering, to get an opinion of their experience. You can look at Ofsted reports but use these sparingly as they are a snapshot of the school over one or two days. Remember to check the dates as many inspections are several years old. 

You have to complete online application in your home Borough so as a Greenwich resident you complete the RBG application on this page:

You are able to register six choices - we recommend you do all six as you run the risk of being allocated if unsuccessful. Ensure that you rank your preferences with your favourite choice no.1. There is a chance that you do not receive any of your choices and are allocated. Our advice is to accept the place otherwise not in education but appeal the decision with the school/s.  

For further help or guidance please contact Mrs Collins via the School Office email or call 020 8856 9153.