Good Shepherd Liturgy, Aylesford 2019

On Wednesday 22nd May, the school Choir took part in a Liturgy, in support of Missio. The Choir were chosen to lead the singing for the Liturgy and sang the Psalm 'The Lord's my Shepherd'.  Archbishop Peter Smith mentioned the Psalm as being 'beautifully sung' in his homily. Two children processed with the school banner and prayer pole during the Offertory Procession along with other schools whilst the Choir sang 'We are marching in the light of God'. It was a very prayerful and spiritual occasion with many other schools joining together as one to celebrate and give thanks to God.  The day ended with the children enjoying their lunch in the lovely grounds of Aylesford. The children enjoyed looking at the ducks too. Below is a video of the Choir singing 'The Lord's my Shepherd'.



Crowning of Mary, May 2019 

 On Monday 20th May, the whole school gathered to celebrate the month of Our Lady. The Lighthouse led a decade of the Rosary in the playground. The pompoms were representing the beads of the Rosary. The 'Our Father', 'Hail Mary' and 'Glory Be' prayers were said outside. Following this,  each child placed a flower in front of Mary in the hall and sang beautiful hymns to Mary, one of which was called 'Hail Mary, Gentle Woman'. Father Richard presented the school with a very special stained glass window of Our Lady, which is the same stained glass window in one of the chapels at Aylesford.



First Holy Communion, May 2019

On Sunday 5th and 12th May, some of the Year 3 children made their First Holy Communion at the school's Parish Church. It was a very special occasion for the children as it was their first time to receive Jesus. In class, the Year 3 class have been learning about Reconciliation and during Collective Worship, the children shared some of their reflections and prayers. Father Richard shared some of the reflections with the congregation at the First Holy Communion Masses.


Saint Joseph's Day, March 2019

The children in Year 1 celebrated their class saint's day on 19th March. The children dressed in a red t-shirt and each child brought a flower to place in the prayer garden. Father Richard came in and spoke to the children about Saint Joseph.


 The Foodbank Appeal, January 2019

 Following a successful appeal last year, which stemmed from a 'Wednesday Word' discussion, children in Year 4 wanted to continue their mission to show their love and care for others less fortunate through campaigning to support the work of the local Food Bank again. The whole school collected food and put it in a box outside Year 4's classroom. The Food Bank were very appreciative of the school's effort and provided the children with a certificate to acknowledge their hard work in supporting those less fortunate.