Online safety for parents

All of us can can enjoy using the internet.  However,  we all need to learn how to make the internet a safer place for our children. There are a wide range of organisations, including social media providers, such as Face book, Twitter who can help us do this.

To help protect our children it is important that we teach them how to use the internet wisely, We  have a responsibility to consider what information we share on the internet.  We need to consider if the photographs, video or information we have shared with the world, should be shared. We need to consider the impact of our actions, before we cause offense and distress.

As children have greater access to smartphones and tablets, even from a very young age, we have a responsibility to help them use these devices safely, particularly with the wealth of offensive materials out there.

The following links provide more information about how to keep safe whilst using the internet.


On line gaming

Fortnite - does your child play Fortnite? 

Read the guidance provided by NSPCC about the risks associated with this online game, which enables children to talk with strangers online.