British Values

Fundamental British values


Five key British values are promoted explicitly and implicitly through the collective worship of our Catholic life of our school, our strong school ethos, which is reflected in our Mission statement.

Activities in and out of the classroom allow children to develop socially, morally, culturally, spiritually.


What are the 5 key values?


the rule of law,

individual liberty,

mutual respect

and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.

Our Catholic faith and Mission statement help us to explore these values.


Here are some examples of how the school addresses these values:

Democracy: all pupils vote for class representatives to serve on the School Council or as members of the Lighthouse group.

The Rule of Law: pupils have class contracts, setting down rules they think are important and ways they can show mutual respect to others, whilst supporting individual liberty.

Individual Liberty: children explore their rights and those of others through stories, RE, Geography, History and assemblies, for example, Oscar Romero's life and work were explored to see how a Catholic priest followed Christ's example to protect people's liberties; Children are also encouraged to understand the link between rights and responsibilities. 

Mutual Respect: relationships with members of the school community are modelled on Jesus's commandment to love one another. This rule is also the basis of how we treat and consider others beyond our school walls. The way children support and consider other people's needs is exemplified through their prayer life, assemblies, and charity events, such as the Macmillan tea party and the CAFOD annual fund raising event. Children also explore this through literature, such as The Rainbow Fish.

In October, as part of Black History Month, the lives of both Mary Seacole and Oscar Romero were explored and even though they were not always shown respect, they served the needs of others.

Tolerance of those with different faiths: children show their respect for others as they learn more about others in areas such as RE, Geography, History, and many stories. 


Who do inspires you?

As part of Black history month the school explored how some people, such as Oscar Romero and Mary Seacole have inspired us to serve or help others.

Here are some of the people who inspire some of our pupils:



Aditi Malviya: Leonardo de Vinci

Alan: Grandfather